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I have lived a little and I hope to share some wisdom, but mostly, after having paid off my debt, I purchased a car in March of last year. I will touch on budgeting, paying off my remaining “new” debt and what happens after. ‘Cause really you never stop having debt of some sort, but what do you do with the new found πŸ€‘πŸ’° money???

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  • The Breakdown
    Two months ago I went to turn on my T.V. that I was given by a family member three years earlier. It didn’t turn on. I tried the easy steps,…More
  • Pay No Extra…
    It’s got a certain ring to it, wouldn’t you agree? A few weeks out of every month I “pay no extra” on anything outside of bare necessities. Rent, utilities and…More
  • Rest & Relaxation!
    ***”Written last weekend, but forgot to post. #oopsie Let’s chat about something other than debt. I am really enjoying the four day weekend especially knowing that I will be on…More
  • One Day You Wake Up….
    ….and you can literally see that there are only a trickle of payments to go before you are debt freeπŸŽ‰. Then you realize that you’ve spent almost all of your…More
  • πŸ‘‡ Below…
    ….$1000, can you believe it? My car loan is sitting at $999. How wild is that? I am on point to pay it off on or by December 7th. I…More
  • Seeing Others…
    Seeing others move forward with their own debt can help you to be motivated to do more as well. I know that it did for me, unfortunately a person who’s…More
  • Snails Pace, but Still a Pace..🐌
    Back on October 17th, my car loan was sitting at $2268 and as of today, November 18th, I am at $1237.53 for a difference of $1030.47. I hope to be…More
  • Inflation 2023
    Inflation increase from work!!!! Paying the car off is happening just in time. The plan was always to have it down before my trip, but it is cutting it a…More
  • Stop the Press!
    Starting in 2023, my pay structure will change and be more consistent, but also less. Starting next year, I will be paid every other week so 26 checks vs 24.…More
  • Money Doesn’t Fix Problems!
    Someone asked if you made $100,000 dollars, what would you do. I said the same thing that I am doing right now, paying off my loan. Like I would be…More

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