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I have lived a little and I hope to share some wisdom, but mostly, after having paid off my debt, I purchased a car in March of last year. I will touch on budgeting, paying off my remaining “new” debt and what happens after. ‘Cause really you never stop having debt of some sort, but what do you do with the new found 🤑💰 money???

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  • Gardening
    My watermelon vines have flowers. My tomatoes have flowers. My green zucchini plant has its first one. Turnips are growing. So are the plants of the peppers. Swiss Chard and…More
  • Building Muscle 💪🏽…and Money Things 💰.
    I had PT appointment this week and I have been moved up in my fitness routine. I have been cleared to kayak weekly. Some of my weights have moved from…More
  • First Adventure Cleared!
    Yesterday I went on a beginners kayaking trip AND I made it out alive. I didn’t fall in, but did have a 15 minute panic attack where I didn’t think…More
  • We want Side Gigs…Yeah! (Cue Kanye)
    Is a side gig worth it? You be the judge. In 2019 I sold one house as a realtor while working a full-time job that I am currently working at.…More
  • This Close…
    When you are so close to paying of your remaining debt that you can almost taste it, you just wanna press fast forward. However it is times like this that…More
  • A.C. and What It Means
    A family has graciously loaned me an air conditioner for the remainder of the summer so until the end of September. How awesome is that? It is so cool…I’m actually…More
  • The Heat….A.K.A. Global Warming
    This weather is going to make me do something drastic like purchase another air conditioner for the front room. I say drastic since we all know that I am attempting…More
  • Bills ….and Savings
    Wednesday I purchased my half-day trip for Beginners Kayaking. I used money already allocated from my sinking fund account. It was $85 after savings of $30 which came from my…More
  • Working On My Fitness!
    It’s almost the end of July 2022 and I have consistently been walking between 30 mins and up to a bit over an hour since I’ve been able to walk…More
  • Invites While Paying off Debt
    The sun is out, it’s warm and people are inviting you to things with abandonment. How do you choose? Do you have to choose? I physically feel good and it…More

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