New Insurance Update!!!

Initially my six month premium would have been $462 and I requested a re-rate back in March with the hope of saving a few bucks. I thought the $419.60 was the updated six month cost and I was pleased with that…when in fact, it was not. My new rate not including the beacon discount since it was only 10%, is $305.41!!! How awesome is that? It was a totally savings of $156.59!!!!! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

So if you have recently paid off debt and your credit report reflects that, I highly suggest you get a re-rate if you feel it will be in your benefit.

$301.91 is the final number after removing beacon completely. $160.09 saved and the savings started in my current 6 month premium which the billing date by almost a month. My billing date also got pushed to May 20th instead April 29 so allowed a bit of breathing room though since I now us sinking funds, I didn’t need it. πŸ₯³

To give you an idea of how big a difference the re-rate was for my insurance, I drove a 22 year old car and my insurance was $6.70 higher for liability than full coverage on my 5 year old car.

Until next time….πŸ’–

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  1. Afro Penny says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s huge! I feel like insurance wins are bigger than other wins because it’s money you don’t really get to enjoy spending on anything, you know? Money you spend on something you hope you don’t have to use.


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