Less than $7000

In the 6’s…how exciting 😁. Welp that’s it for the positive. In the not so positive, but better than it could be, my pelvis is rotated and jammed and unfortunately I went to my PT about a week outside of when I should have gone. I thought it was just hip pain from an exercise and some exercises appeared to loosen them up when in fact it was only helping my right side. Sunday I came out of the gym and could barely move.

Tried lots of thing on my own once I realized what it was then immediately made an appointment for the 25th. P.T. set me on the right path and I have paused training while I tackle this. The fact that this is the first time in a while that I have experienced this issue shows I am getting stronger in my back/core. I actually do not have any back pain so there’s that. Glad I already went grocery shopping and separately got lots of Epsom salt

I immediately asked if I was healed. I think she wanted to laugh, but she suggested and I said yes to another appt for next week to see where I am. I don’t know what exercise did this, but back on the 11th, I went to the gym alone and did the workout by myself then on the 12th my hand started to move toward my hip due to soreness which I would later say that it just grazed a pain level. Had I gone a week ago, it wouldn’t have been this bad, but I continued to run and exercise on it.

Always listen to yourself and never feel like you are over exaggerating as it is better to be safe than sorry. Til next time….🤗❤️


  1. Afro Penny says:

    Congratulations on getting below $7K! That is huge! Do you do anything to celebrate these last milestones?
    Awe, sorry to hear hip and glad you listened to yourself and got support. Sending you warmth and wellness.

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    1. I don’t think so, but when I am debt free, I plan to make a beef tenderloin dinner. The gift that keeps on giving. Thank you AP. I am definitely on the mend as of 5/11.


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