Loan Update & A Good Reason to Have a Plan

Last we spoke, my car loan was $6,999.03 and as of today it is $4995.00 for a difference of $2004.03. <—- the good.

A few buttons on my laptop computer recently went belly up so I paid $100 for a diagnosis. To which they confirmed a new keyboard would be needed. I asked and got a hand-written statement that they would give me 60 days to use the same diagnosis test while I gathered the funds. In actuality I will be using this time to get a second opinion on the cost. It is either $160 (parts and labor) with no lighting or $259 with and it will take a week to get parts.

The cost is $1800 for a new computer. The other option is to limp along with a Bluetooth keyboard which I could do, but would dislike for the delay factor. Since I am not using it for work, it shouldn’t be too much of a nuisance. The last option is that I purchase the part myself $39.99 and install it. Which by the help of You Tube is definitely possible, I checked.

I am picking the computer this evening and I have two keyboards that my work gave me. One is Bluetooth while the other is wired. I mainly use this computer for Zoom meetings which I have about 3 to 4 times a week, all of my personal budgeting and really everything that isn’t work related. Oy vey! So now the plan is to pay off my car and possibly get a new computer so about $7200.

There are those who would say to put it on credit, but that isn’t me. I am going to tighten this budget and move forward. Any thoughts are welcome.

Update to the update, the wired keyboard works really well. No delay due to not being Bluetooth. Yippee 😁.

Till next time….🥰


  1. Afro Penny says:

    I’m glad you are prioritizing your happiness…once I am out of debt, I think the only thing that would come before my happiness is my health.
    Maaaaybe you could put it on the credit card? Here me out! You could 1) See if one of your current credit card companies is offering you any 0% periods, I have found this sometimes by looking at my offers. The window for these is usually much shorter than the new card introductory periods, but if you wouldn’t need long to pay it off… 2) you could sign up for a new credit card which will offer you quite a long 0% introductory period, or 3) I don’t know where you are buying your laptop, but if you bought it on Amazon, and if you have a Prime Card, they offer you 0% for either 6 or 12 months depending on how much the purchase is…
    Now, I KNOW you might be against the credit card altogether but if you expect $2,000.00 payments to be something you can do for some time, you wouldn’t have the balance for very long. Certainly much shorter than any of the 0% periods offered. Just a thought.


    1. I am going to use the wired keyboard for now. It actually works pretty well and no delay. The computer really has to be on the backend of things I get this year. I want to get three things on my list once I have become debt free and they have been there since 2021. I definitely won’t use cc, but I will use a sinking fund. New habits and putting big things on cc isn’t one of them. #newwayofdoingit

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  2. Afro Penny says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on making it under $5,000.00! You are so very, very close!

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    1. Thank you. A different way of living. 🤗🙀


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