My pelvis…and haggling with Xfinity.

After 3 P.T. appointments, I am on the mend and can finally get up without cringing as of Tuesday night. Working to get everything else moving and hope to be back working out by June 7 or somewhere around that date. I love that I can finally stop saying chronic and start referring to it as just pain. ❤️

I spent about 20 mins or so haggling with an Xfinity rep as I just saw that bill was $23 higher. Yep, you guessed it, my promotional period had expired. I wanted a contract for two years with the same speeds. They were trying to lower my speeds and increasing the cost by $15 on a one year contract. We settled on a year contract for $75 at 600 Mbps and this was after explained that I would keep the current plan and search out an introductory rate somewhere else on a two year agreement.

Next April I will be looking for a new provider as this is ridiculous. Prior to 2019 I didn’t pay for home internet nor did I have a television. Times have changed, but I appreciate having the internet for Zoom, Roku, my music and so on.

Til next time 😜☺️

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