Debt and Its Pull

Debt is like a bad relationship, it is easy to get into, but so hard to get out of. It pulls you back every time you think that you have gotten out of it. Sending you love letters of 0 percent interest and the ability to pull the cash right off the card anytime you want. The world making it so easy for your credit to be accepted everywhere. Dental office, medical lab, college credits, books and furniture among other things.

Banks give out consolidation loans to kids with no credit. Much like a bad relationship, you want to change and you try to get out, but it whispers sweet nothings in your ear then you’re back for round three. You make decisions, think they are great decisions and you get just rewards. You don’t understand.

You change your number and move away. Then one day, they have your number/address and you are once again getting junk mail from Discover and Chase. Turns out you’re going to practically have to set the place on fire to get from under it… figuratively of course. *Turns out once you have almost no debt, you get less credit junk mail. You are going need to do a 180 cause in this world up is down and down is up. They say: borrow is good, I say: borrowing shouldn’t be your first thought.

Turn away and let that man eat dust…ehem credit…I meant to say credit eat dust! πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

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