There are Always Positives!

Someone might look at my setback with my twisted and jammed pelvis as a problem. They might see the pain in my groin, the lack of movement and sleep as as issues as well. However if you look between the lines, you can see the positives. I can move my neck, shoulders, arms and there is absolutely no back pain not upper or lower. I can get to the store for small things.

I have the funds to pay to get my clothes washed, buy disposable plates, bowls and plastic ware. Someone came out and helped me set up the garden. My legs don’t have as much pain as they have had in past episodes. I recognized the issue faster than before so my P.T. was able to start working on me quickly. I didn’t balk at all the Epsom salt and the cost of P.T. appointments.

Being thankful for the small things, helps to put everything else in perspective. I have also slept the longest today than in the past 5 weeks since this happened. In terms of pain and with my naturopath finding iron to be an issue along with gluten and dairy, I am at least 70% better than I would have been in the past. Hoping to be really better and back in the gym by late June or early July. Until then the money for my semi private trainer just keeps going into a sinking fund for when I am ready.

I am thankful for God, my family, my community and this blog. It gives me a place to write out my thoughts, to motivate me and at this time, to be grateful for all the things that are working. Getting so close to being debt free gives you options.

Until next time….🥰 xoxo

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