Money Doesn’t Fix Problems!

Someone asked if you made $100,000 dollars, what would you do. I said the same thing that I am doing right now, paying off my loan. Like I would be able to pay it off in one swoop, but that is because I like to believe that I am financially literate. No matter how much or how little money you make, if you don’t know to manage it, no amount would be enough.

I am pleasantly pleased to know that I am being molded by God and his inspired word, the Bible. Saving, giving, spending are three good steps to follow. I think everyone has seen those people on television who have won the lottery and are back in the hole months, if not weeks later. In my opinion, everyone should take a money course before taking on their winnings.

I would give more, work less and do more spiritual things. I am thankful to God and his son Jesus for the balanced view of money. Still working on it, but I’m better than I was.

Til next time 🥰…..


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