The Breakdown

Two months ago I went to turn on my T.V. that I was given by a family member three years earlier. It didn’t turn on. I tried the easy steps, hard ones too along with YouTube and Google, but nothing would fix it and boy was I sad. I tried every wall outlet in every room plus I reset the outlets. The cost of a large flat screen t.v. when you hadn’t planned for it and it wasn’t an emergency, was quite high.

It is now getting colder or if you just had the coldest November in the past 22 years then you might say it has been the coldest in a while. I go to turn on a heater that was donated to me five years ago and each time I plug it in, there’s an electrical flicker. Strange I think, but then three days ago it stopped working. Took it apart and rebuit it, still didn’t work. I have a second smaller heater that has worked consistently for the past twelve years and it too won’t work anymore.

Now I didn’t pay anything for any of these three items, but I feel sad. Sad that I feel like I didn’t take care of them, but when I look back, I really did. That flat screen was fifteen years old and twelve/fifteen years for the two heaters. I took the smaller flat screen from my bedroom into the living room so that works, but it is considerably smaller and the words appear tiny. Unfortunately there is no substitution for when I’m at work with no heater.

I am not going to worry about it until January as I am still paying off my car. So I could get something small for now and something larger later. Today (Friday morning) I wore a scarf, hiking socks, looked for a hat, but couldn’t find one, a long sleeve shirt, a shawl and jogging pants. No heater is no good. šŸ˜Ÿ.

I am super glad that I didn’t have to pay initially for any of those items. Grateful for that and that they aren’t necessities so I can take the time to budget and save for them properly. Though because we are in the winter, the heater is needed now. I will go ahead and get a small one for now.

Update: I got to Friday night and couldn’t take it anymore. I went to Amazon, there I found a heater that could be sent on Saturday with a high score and plenty of positive remarks. As I sit here (Saturday evening) , my feet are warmed by the heater. It is so warm that on the lowest temperature, I have been able to turn off the heat in my apartment. Good ending to this story about the breakdown of appliances šŸ’›.

Have you had something stop working unexpectedly? How did you resolve it?

Til next time šŸ„°……



  1. You can make small heaters with terra cotta pots and candles. it is a cheap solution for a little warmth.

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  2. Afro Penny says:

    I feel that way about my car. I have taken care of it but not like I should have. I am going to start doing better because it really is the biggest investment I have ever made beyond my own education.

    “I have been able to turn off the heat in my apartment.” – Did you mean you just turned your heat down low? So that the pipes don’t freeze, the heat shouldn’t be all the way off…correct?


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